Executive Director

Art Erickson, StudiOne-Eighty

Finance Director

Parker LaLonde

Senior Trainer

John Turnipseed, Executive Vice President, Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation

Other Trainers and Mentors

Susanna Esinoza de Sygulla, Senior Consultant, Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation Early Learning Center

Al Nuness, Retired Vice President, Josten’s, Paraprofessional, Hopkins High School

Mark Peter Lundquist, Director, Food, Farm & Nutrition, Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation

Kathy Erickson, Days for Girls, Twin Cities, MN

Ramon Pastrano, President and CEO, ImpactLives, Twin Cities, MN.

Robin Bell, Professor, XClture, Youth, Theological Studies, University Northwestern, St. Paul, MN

Efrem Smith, Director, Thrive, Urban Leadership Center, Sacramento, CA

Nick Tietz, Founder & CEO, ILT Studios, LLC, St. Cloud, MN 

Trina White Maduro, Social Entrepreneur, Investor, Humanitarian Tom Livingston, Producer, Story Front Productions, Duluth, MN