StudiOne-Eighty is a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to training leaders from communities around Minnesota, the US, and the World in skills needed to ‘transform their communities from geography to community’ thereby improving education, nutrition, housing, safety, and employment opportunities for all people. StudiOne-Eighty developed out of the work of Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation and Leadership Foundations and has a history of 50 years of cross-cultural community development in the Phillips and Central neighborhoods in South Minneapolis. This work has involved businesses, churches, schools, government, parachurch organizations, nonprofits and academics who deeply care about their community. For over 25 years, Art Erickson, the founder of Urban Ventures and StudiOne-Eighty, has been informally counseling leaders from other cities and communities on how to transform their communities. StudiOne-Eighty now formalizes this counseling and training for those leaders who desire to emulate what Urban Ventures is doing in south Minneapolis in their own cities and communities.