STUDIOne-Eighty is not a startup. It has been developed out of the work of Urban Ventures – transforming people and places –  with a history of 50 years of cross-cultural community development in the same South Minneapolis neighborhood. This work has involved businesses, churches, parachurch organizations, nonprofits and academics who deeply care about our community.

  “STUDIOne-Eighty is not an institute with books of data, but more of a laboratory and petri dish where issues and challenges are discussed and possible solutions surface.

Leaders want to know, ‘How do you turn things around in a struggling part of the city, not in small ways, but 180 degrees?”

–Art Erickson, Founder

The curriculum developed over the last fifty years based on first-hand experience with success and failure is the cornerstone of the Studio’s mission of…Turning Geography into Community.”

Art has been meeting with communities, cities, states and representatives from other countries who are interested in not only understanding the Urban Ventures story, but how do they achieve a successful urban transformation of their own.

Art and his team listen to the challenges facing these communities – the roadblocks that are preventing progress. Knowing that each group comes with their own unique situation, they are able to offer hindsights, insights, and foresights based on their own experience with local government, corporate, education, and collaborative organizations – as collectively the group works toward a transformation blueprint.