Lake Street Works

Lake Street Works is a 2-year construction training program for 11th grade and 12th grade students.  Students will receive training to help them be excellent in whatever aspect of construction they choose. For youth to achieve the best outcomes in their careers, we provide training in three areas:

  • Construction Trades – Students are trained in Construction 101, HVAC, electrical, carpentry, and plumbing.  After completing their courses, students are ready to be apprentices in a trade or acquire additional skills at a technical school — which Lake Street Works staff will help facilitate. 
  • Personal Development – Throughout the training we work with students on their personal development, helping them to recognize the potential they have, overcoming potential obstacles (such as trauma, anger issues, lack of role models) to encourage well-rounded and professional adults with a drive and work ethic to be outstanding citizens in the workforce and community.
  • Financial Literacy – Students learn how to be financially responsible.  They will be paid stipends for their training hours.  Part of their earnings will be placed in a checking account and part in an investment account.  The investment account will not be accessible until they graduate from the program.  By learning the importance of their credit integrity, how to invest, and how to budget, students learn how to live more stable lives.